The UK EFT Masters History

The photo above was taken in 2005 at Barton-upon-Humber.  Earlier that year in Dallas Gary Craig and Ann Adams had announced the EFT Masters’ Program. Applicants were required to be dedicated full-time EFT Practitioners with five years experience.  

The program itself was not a training, we were expected to know our stuff and to be able to demonstrate client work in front of Gary, Ann, an audience and a video camera.  Then we had to stand and receive feedback on our performance.  

This was followed up by a an exam of 16 essay questions which we had a year to complete.

The EFT Masterclass Conferences

Ann Ross threw up the idea of a conference and Sue and Emma caught it.  The first EFT Masterclass was in London in 2006.  

Gwyneth followed with Ilkley in 2007

Then Judy back in London in 2008,

Tania took us to Manchester for 2009, 

And back to London in 2010 with Sue, Emma and Judy.  

The concluding EFT Masterclass was hosted by Gwyneth in York in 2011.  

The photo below is the first event in London.

The UK EFT Masters Now

Many years have gone by since we passed Gary’s EFT Masters exam.

We have all grown, changed and expanded our offerings with EFT or tapping.  

Read our profiles to find out what we are up to now.