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Mair is one of the full time therapists at The Tickhill Clinic. She teaches groups and individuals self hypnosis as well as EFT for personal and professional development.
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When I was first introduced to EFT by a friend I thought it was a strange technique. This meant I decided that I would only use it on myself.  

Over time I found that it was consistently  helpful for physical as well as emotional pain. For many years I have worked with trauma, using other psychological strategies and these can be quite lengthy.  I have been using EFT now in my work since 1999 and I am seeing truly remarkable results. This led me to suspend my disbelief as I knew without doubt that I owed it to my clients to share this wonderful technique more widely.

Since then, I have been more than happy to include it in my practice. From the start of my work in private practice my intention has always been to help others not to need me. I love it when clients ring to say they want to cancel their next appointment because they feel better and are confident to continue their own personal  work on themselves. Clients have really taken to EFT, they use it effectively on themselves as an empowering tool which frees them to get on with really living their lives.  No wonder this technique is called Emotional Freedom Techniques.

In the 1970's I learnt self hypnosis for the birth of my youngest daughter.  This very natural experience of her birth inspired me to learn more about the mind body relationship. Exploring this led me to complete an Hons. degree in psychology and a post graduate advanced diploma in child development.  I really wanted to spread the word of how hypnosis can help others in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. In 1980 I started my full time private practice.

Then in 1999 a friend and colleague introduced me to Gary Craig's videos. In 2000 I learnt EFT with the developer of this technique in the US. I continued to travel there until eventually this training led me to obtain my EFT Master Practitioner status from Gary Craig.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Research Society and a member of the British Psychological Society. 

I can be contacted by telephone  01302 743113 or by email:

I, together with my husband and partner Dr. Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, are the EFT trainers at Tickhill Clinic in South Yorkshire. We do specialist courses with other expert bodies in different fields. Our courses with these organisations offer them specific skills in using EFT in their already experienced field of work. These clients benefit and so do we as it adds a wider base of shared knowledge to our own work too.

Our specialist courses are tailor made in many situation except when they are specifically offered to train already existing practising therapists the wonderful tools available through energy therapy and primarily EFT. Our longer workshops are planned so that our graduates can join a number of organisations. These are listed on Dr. Tam Llewellyn-Edwards profile. 

For further details of all of Tickhill Clinic's Workshops and their dates, please contact Tam direct:-   Telephone: 01302 743113   e-mail to:


Mary trains in the corporate world as well as within The Tickhill Clinic both professional as well as personal skills in stress management, confidence in public speaking. It also includes developing skills with people. These peak performance events are frequently one to one so that each clients specific needs are addressed.  During these events clients can choose from a number of choices depending on their individual interests. Frequently clients ask to learn self hypnosis, mindfulness as well as skills in using EFT or other energy based techniques. 

Mary creates individually made CD's for clients whilst they visit Tickhill Clinic during their appointment.  The first CD's that are created offer stepping stones, strategies and techniques to set them on the path to explore and be empowered by increasing understanding of their body and mind relationship. 

On their return visit Mary continues their work by recording their second CD which specifically relate to what her clients and she has learnt from the intervening period between appointments. More importantly it is crafted in a way to introduce EFT which is specifically relevant to each individuals need. Often CD's will be a self hypnosis recording or an example of an EFT session experience. The fact that these are intentionally created for each individual client means they need less support. These CD's help client to effectively help themselves as well as require less appointments too. 

I really love helping clients to help themselves.  The huge variety in my clinic keeps me frequently inspired by my clients lives. Almost always they come as a result of a recommendation so they do have some idea what to expect. Not needing to advertise now also means that clients find it easier to trust me as well as the processes we will use together.  Each clients desired outcome is different. In their first appointment I want to know what it is that they are hoping to achieve. Generally they are wanting hypnosis because their friend is no longer troubled by their phobia. Other clients have heard how EFT has reduced their emotional or physical pain dramatically. Within organisations the HR department recommends staff who have specific professional developmental needs. Whatever services I offer I find it is a real honour to have the opportunity to serve others in whatever way that I can. 

BSc Hons degree

Member of the British Psychological Society

Fellow of Royal Society of Arts

Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Research Society

Master Practitioner Status awarded by Gary Craig