Learn EFT with the UK EFT Masters

EFT is for everybody.  There are many ways to learn EFT for self-help: from books, from videos, and through therapy sessions  

However, if you want to use it in your therapy or coaching practice and you want to be able to get insurance to cover you to do so in the UK, you need to train in workshops where you can see live demonstrations, practice with others, get feedback from your trainer, and have answers to all your questions.

The founding masters all have workshop programmes details of which you can find on their profile pages on this site  

There is now a choice of professional bodies for EFT and the UK EFT Masters teach for different associations.

All the UK EFT Founding Masters have made a thorough study of Gary Craig’s work.  We have been examined by Gary both on our theoretical knowledge of EFT and by practical demonstration of client work.

EFT Training

 EFT Workshops

Though trainers teach to different systems there are generally three levels of EFT training.

Introduction – Discovering EFT

This is the course for people new to EFT or who have learned EFT through reading the EFT manual or other books, or watching DVDs and now want to experience working with other people in a group and having the opportunity to watch live demonstrations and to have their questions answered. It is both for people who want to learn EFT to use it for themselves and for those who intend to continue with their training to practitioner level.

No previous experience either of therapy or of EFT is required.

On an introductory course, expect to learn where EFT comes from, the tapping points, about aspects, testing and calibrating, how you know what words to use, what to do when EFT is not working, handling excessive intensity, how to detach the emotions from specific negative memories with the movie technique, working with physical pains, and with cravings.

Practitioner  – Working with EFT

At the second level you will learn how we acquire and are run by our inner beliefs, how to deal with the tailenders that reflect our often unrecognized inner beliefs that sabotage affirmations and change, additional tapping points, how to work more gently, the detective work that helps us to get to core issues, how emotional causes have physical consequences, how to work with pain and physical discomfort at a more sophisticated level, emotional drivers of physical problems and addictive behaviours, more ways to test, working on the telephone, working with groups.

This is both for people who want to deepen their understanding of the power of tapping and for therapists who want to take tapping into their practices.

Advanced – Working with EFT

This covers everything you need to know and have not already covered on the previous levels to bring your work to a more sophisticated and accomplished level. You will learn more about working with intuition, about pre-framing and reframing, about working with more difficult clients and problems.

A large supervisory element will be involved in this level.  It is for people who want to be the very best they can be.

Find training dates and contact the EFT Masters through their profiles on our home page